STEM, STEAM, and Beyond!

Our Story

PANELCRAFT is the worlds first and only large scale magnetic construction toy.  It was designed by an architect and a physics teacher to inspire spatial development and creativity  in children. It develops both fine and gross motor skills, patterning, shape recognition, collaboration, and building skills.

The Panelcraft magnetic connection system is US Patent Pending.


"Our young 5s LOVED them!  They enjoyed the size and were able to build creations where they could fit inside, which was very appealing to many children in the classroom."       

Preschool Teacher, Ann Arbor, Michigan

I believe in your product and I have seen what it brings out in children. The imagination alone is endless and I have seen it first hand working in a low income preschool. These kids had never seen anything like Panelcraft. The places they made and imagined brought children together that wouldn't normally play together. I feel very strongly about what your product can bring to a room of children, that not just classrooms deserve to have Panelcraft, but anywhere there are groups of children! 

Nicole Sharnitske, preschool teacher, Taylor, Michigan