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Below you will find classroom-tested lesson plans that use Panelcraft as a wonderfully useful tool for teaching young children. Each lesson is linked to learning standards. Enjoy! 

Panelcraft Lesson Plan Standards, NAEYC, HighScope, Common Core, NGSS

Panelcraft Preschool

       NAEYC and HighScope KDI Lesson Plans

Building Communities - Video

Making Books

Alternating Patterns

Exploring Habitats

Busy Town

Stability and Toppling

Bean Bag Toss #1

Bean Bag Toss #2

Bean Bag Toss #3

Hot and Cold - Video

Reflection of Light

Exploring Outer Space

Life Cycle of Plants


NAEYC and HighScop KDI Lesson Plans

Play-Doh Circuits

Common Core Lesson Plans:

Operations and Algebraic Thinking I   K.OAA.1 & K.OAA.2

Operations and Algebraic Thinking II  K.OAA.3 & K.OAA.4

Compare, Create and Compose Shapes K.G.B.5

Next Generation Science Standards Lesson Plans:

Molecules to Organisms: Structures and Processes K-LS1

Energy K-PS3-2

Engineering Design 1  K-2-ETS1

Forces and Motion  K-PS2-1

Force, Motion and Stability  K-PS-2

First Grade

Common Core Lesson Plans:

First Grade Operations and Algebraic Thinking  1.OAA.1 & K.OAA

Reasoning with Shapes and their Attributes  1.G.A.2

Measuring Lengths  1.MD.A.1(2)



Does Your Block Center Promote 21st Century Skills? A Checklist for Teachers

 STEM, STREAM and 21st Century presentation

STEM, STREAM Presentation Handout

Links to Learning Standards:

NAEYC Program Standards

HighScope Key Developmental Indicators (KDIs)

Common Core Standards

Next Generation Science Standards

Early Childhood Standards for Quality

Magcircuits Lesson Plans

Lesson 1 Power Control and Action

Lesson 2 Resistors in Series and Parallel

Magcircuits Block Guide Video