Panelcraft introduces Magcircuits - the first electronic building set for children of all ages.

CANTON September 23, 2022.  By adding electrically conductive stainless-steel corners to a smaller version of its award-winning magnetic building blocks, Panelcraft has created the first and only electronic building set that empowers children ages 4 and up to build their own 3D electronic devices. The building sets come with four types of blocks:

  1. Power blocks - solar cells, battery blocks, etc.
  2. Control blocks - variable resistors, light sensors, sound modules, etc.
  3. Action Blocks, that emit light, produce sound, vibrate
  4. Building blocks that can aid construction.

Magcircuits blocks measure three inches on a side and are compatible for use with Panelcraft’s large scale building sets. Now children can now add electronics to their large-scale creations.

Recently, Magcircuits wowed attendees at the 2022 Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASTC) conference where institutions such as the multidisciplinary museum, the Amazement Square in Virginia, and the Lowell Observatory children’s summer camp program in Arizona, placed large pre-orders for building sets to be delivered in January of 2023.

Two types of Magcircuits electronic building sets will be available for sale on the website in January of 2023, a 20 piece Explore Electronics set and an 11 piece Explore Circuits set.