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Panelcraft, the world’s first and only large scale magnetic toy company, is partnering with the Wayne Regional Educational Service Agency (RESA) to equip over 450 Head Start preschool classrooms throughout Wayne County Michigan. In addition, Panelcraft will be providing STEM-themed professional development training to the nearly 2000 preschool teachers whose classrooms will be receiving Panelcraft. Each classroom will be equipped with Dream Builder and Rainbow sets for a total of 76 magnet construction blocks in each classroom, empowering children to design, build and explore in an open-ended learning experience at a scale they can relate to."We're thrilled to be working with the large and dedicated group of professionals in the Wayne RESA system. Having the opportunity to provide customized, relevant professional development and support to classrooms so close to home is truly exciting”, said Chad Richert, Executive Vice President of Panelcraft.

                           Panelcraft Rainbow set

About Panelcraft

Panelcraft’s mission is to design, manufacture, market and sell the world's best and only large-scale magnetic construction toys in order to empower children to design, build and explore their world. To do this, they support families, day care centers, schools and museums with the highest quality products and educational materials.


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