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Teaching Students to Think Creatively with STEM

Teaching Students to Think Creatively with STEM

Teaching and seeing students creatively apply STEM concepts is satisfying.

I was so excited to have the opportunity to serve as a judge at Acceleratekid. It reminded me of my experiences in the Dearborn Public Schools developing magnet schools for gifted students such as the Academy of Engineering & Technology and the Dearborn Center for Math, Science and Technology. In both of those programs, students had multiple experiences presenting their projects and we, as teachers, had teams of judges scoring the project presentations. The main difference between my past and present experience was that these students were sooo much younger, but it was clear that they all took their technology projects very seriously and presented them well.  I also ejoyed seeing how technology itself has evolved, with projects combining coding and 3D virtual reality type games.  I left AccelerateKid feeling confident that the future leadership in technology is in good hands!

Also, I was excited about the intense interest the students and teaching staff had in Magcircuits. One of the teachers asked if it could be used to build AND and OR logic gates and I explained to him how it could by using either parallel or series combinations of the push button switch. That was really exciting to him because these functions are used in Minecraft.

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