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Panelcraft Play Kitchen complete and pre-installed in a 19 pc Classic Red Building set! Kids Love this!!! Five, high-quality, scratch-resistant adhesive-backed vinyl graphics with stove top, oven, sink, top and bottom refrigerator. The Panelcraft kitchen multiplies the dramatic play possibilities by empowering children to custom design their own play kitchen the way they want it. 

This kitchen takes up very little space and easily stores (9 inches x 9 inches) when not in use, however when it is assembled by the child it is about 40 inches wide and 20 inches tall so. Parents and teachers have told us It is also easy to build in different ways and different parts of the room which makes it more fun than a regular play kitchen.

"The children love the Panelcraft Kitchen! They enjoy setting it up in different locations in the classroom and unlike traditional play kitchens that are always out, the children feel like they have a new toy every time they play with it."

Preschool teacher - University of Michigan Early Childhood Education Center

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