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Panelcraft™ Classic Red Solids 76 Piece Set includes 44 solid red panels (9"x9") and 32 white windows (9"x9").  Panelcraft™ develops both fine and gross motor skills, patterning, shape recognition, and building. Their large size allows construction of toy furniture and play houses and can be used with existing toys giving them extended value.  Use them for guided activities or hours of open-ended fun and exploration. Add Mirror Inserts or Heat Sheets to extend the STEM experience! Perfect size for classrooms and multi-child play. Comes with STEM-themed activity guide. 

"We bought these for Wee Friends Child Care Center...the kids LOVE them!!” - Deana Williams, Owner, Wee Friends Child Care Center, Commerce Township

Our young 5s LOVED them!  They enjoyed the size and were able to build creations where they could fit inside, which was very appealing to many children in the classroom.                           Teacher – Ann Arbor

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