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NEW! Magcircuits Explore Circuits 11 piece set empowers children of all ages to easily build their own electronic devices. With Magcircuits, children discover principles of electronics, robotics and coding via open-ended exploration.

Each block has a special function and belongs to one of three categories:

Power Blocks provide sources of electrical power.

Control Blocks provide information from their environment or specific functions.

Action Blocks turn information and power into physical actions.

Each square is a block of technology!!!

Great for camps, classrooms and families. Comes with illustrated color Activity Guide. Compatible with both Panelcraft and other Magcircuits building sets. For ages 4 and up.

Blocks within this set:

Battery - provides power from 4 AAA batteries (batteries not included) (1)

0 to 1000 Ohm Variable Resistor (1)

Light Sensor/CdS Photoresistor (1)

470 Ohm Fixed Resistors (2)

Sound/Music (1)

Speaker (1)

Red Light  (1)

Green Light (1)

Blue Light (1)

On/Off Switch (1)

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"Magcircuits are Amazing!
Kindergarten Teacher, UM-Dearborn ECEC




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