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NEW! Magcircuits Explore Robotics 20 piece set empowers children of all ages to learn principles of Robotiics by easily building their own Robotic devices. With Magcircuits, children discover principles of electronics, robotics and coding via open-ended exploration. This set features Drive, Distance and Programable blocks that sense, automate and control motion.

Each block has a special function and belongs to one of four categories:

Power Blocks provide sources of electrical power. 

Control Blocks provide information from their environment or specific functions.

Action Blocks turn information and power into physical actions. 

Build Blocks provides support, structure and electrical insulation to electronic devices. 

Blocks within this set:

Rechargeable Battery and Charger (1)

Drive - Converts Power into Motion (1)

Programable - Pushbuttons select programs (1)

Distance - Senses proximity of objects (1)

Variable Resistor (1)

Solar Cell -Provide power and senses light level (1)

Light Sensor/CdS Photoresistor (1)

Sound/Music (1)

Speaker (1)

470 Ohm Fixed Resistors (2)

Tactile (vibration motor with lights) (1)

Blinker (1)

Blue Light (1)

Green Light (1)

On/Off Switch (1)

Building/insulators (3)

Flashlight (1)

Magcircuits Block Guide Video

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