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NEW! Magcircuits Explore Electronics 20 piece set empowers children of all ages to develop computational thinking skills by easily building their own devices. With Magcircuits, children discover principles of electronics, robotics, coding and clean energy via open-ended exploration.

Each block has a special function and belongs to one of four categories:

Power Blocks provide sources of electrical power. 

Control Blocks provide information from their environment or specific functions.

Action Blocks turn information and power into physical actions. 

Build Blocks provides support, structure and electrical insulation to electronic devices. 

Each square is a block of technology!!! 

Great for camps, classrooms and families. Comes with illustrated color Activity Guide. Compatible with both Panelcraft and other Magcircuits building sets. For ages 4 and up. Schedule a live demo.

Blocks within this set:

Rechargeable Battery and Charger (1)

0 to 1000 Ohm Variable Resistor (1)

Solar Cell -Provides clean energy and senses light level (1)

Light Sensor/CdS Photoresistor (1)

470 Ohm Fixed Resistors (3)

Sound/Music (1)

Speaker (1)

Tactile (vibrator motor with lights) (1)

Blinker (1)

Red Light (1)

Green Light (1)

Blue Light (2)

On/Off Switch (1)

Building/insulators (3)

Flashlight (1)


 “One of the exciting features of this building set is that children can have fun capturing, storing, controlling, and using energy from the sun while learning the principles behind electric cars and clean-energy systems.”

Jeff Whittaker, Panelcraft President.

Join the Amazement Square in Lynchburg VA, Lowell Observatory Camps for Kids in Flagstaff AZ, and others in ordering this new product!.


 "We are having lots of fun with them!"

Samantha Gorney
Director of Education
Lowell Observatory

 Magcircuits Lesson Plan 1; Power, Control and Action

Magcircuits Lesson 2: Resistors in Series and Parallel

 US Patent Pending



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