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Lead the Clean Energy Revolution!

NEW! Magcircuits Renawable Energy House combines the large-scale blocks of our Panelcraft blocks with Magcircuits blocks so that principles of renewable clean energy can be explored via open-ended fun! Renewable energy can be captured in two-different ways; one is via the Solar Cell block and another is with the Hand-crank generator. This energy can then be directly used by the Drive of Light blocks, or can be stored in the Rechargeable Battery block. 

 Great for camps, classrooms and families. Comes with illustrated color Activity Guide. Compatible with both Panelcraft and other Magcircuits sets. 

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Blocks within this set:

Rechargeable Battery and Charger (1)

Solar Cell and USB-C cord (1)

Hand-Crank Generator and USB-C cord (1)

Drive (1)

Green Light (1)

Blue Light (1)

Build (2)

Red Panelcraft panels (2)

White Panelcraft windows (3)

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