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Panelcraft's professional development training was created by STEM educators with over 40 years in combined STEM education experience.

The hands-on workshop sessions encompass:

-Learning how recent innovations are changing the way we think about block play in the 21st century.

-Expanding  the STEM mindset and content knowledge of educators.

-Integrating STREAM activities into classroom practice.


$300.00 per half-day session plus travel expenses.

For more information regarding available Panelcraft Professional Development training and pricing, contact the Panelcraft Professional Development Office at

Reviews from attendees:

"Great ideas! My knowledge of "block play" has been expanded."
"Love the circuit boards, prism panels, thermo panels - solar panels. Using dry erase markers on magnatiles. Great presentation and ideas."
"When kids play with blocks they get to express themselves on how they construct their builds and by art. They also get to use creative thinking to get the blocks how they want. I like that you didn't just read from the PowerPoint and that you really were into what you were talking about."

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